Thank you all for a fantastic semester, and congratulations on your graduation.¬† I may see you at the ceremony.¬† I’ll be the bald guy wearing a cap and gown.



Advanced Multimedia Production (Capstone)

Course Description 

The goal of this course is to synthesize the various analytical, critical thinking and digital storytelling skills that have been learned by Digital Media majors up to this point in their academic careers (Introduction to Digital Media, Media Theories, Multimedia Production I & II, Social Media and Globalization, Audience Analysis) and put them to use in a project-based setting. This is a senior capstone course; as such, students are expected to be self-motivated and independent. Instruction is not the main goal of this course. It is up to the students to demonstrate to the professor the breadth and depth of what they have learned during their time as digerati at the School of Communication + Journalism.